Elmhurst Accredited Energy Assessor

Energy Performance Certificates

All properties bought, sold or rented require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

EPC's are legally required for any building that is to be put on the market for sale or for rental purposes irrespective of whether you are selling or renting privately, or using an Estate Agent.

EPC Brentwood, EPC Harlow and EPC Chelmsford

Now that we are well into January I have noticed a huge increase in properties coming onto the market with people requiring EPCs all over Essex.  This is due to Spring being just around the corner and everyone getting their property ready to put on the market as the weather warms up.  I work all over Essex and carry out Energy Performance Certificate for your home, on the same day you request an appointment and I will email the completed certificate over to you in the same day.  Contact me today, I cover all Essex areas and offer you a first class service everytime.

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