Elmhurst Accredited Energy Assessor

Energy Performance Certificates

All properties bought, sold or rented require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

EPC's are legally required for any building that is to be put on the market for sale or for rental purposes irrespective of whether you are selling or renting privately, or using an Estate Agent.

EPC Ongar, Blackmore and Chelmsford

Well its been a very hectic week with EPCs and I have met some really interesting people.  An EPC takes me approximately 45 minutes to carry out and I usually spend a little time with the owner / tenant to explain the outcome of their EPC and tell them how they can improve the energy performance on their home by doing some simple changes.  I have worked in the Property Industry for 25 years so I probably know how well your house it built before I even step in.  I have found myself all over Essex this week, particularly in Chelmsford and Ongar and Blackmore.  I was also in London on Monday carrying out a few EPCs in the City.  I usually offer a same day service or make sure I am available at a time to suit you.

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